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[orca-users:04460] URGENT ASSISTANCE

Dear sir/madan

I am Johnson Wreh Personal assistance to Charles Taylor, the
former President
of Liberia. As you may know he has recently stepped
down from power and
is presently on assylum in Nigeria.

The purpose of my letter is to ask if you can render
the assistance
requested and to bring to bear my present position and
the very need for
true and solicited help with respect to Ex President

View these websites:

Your assistance is needed in the sense that some funds
derived from
Diamond sales during his tenure needs to be
transferred/moved from its
present location to a place or an account that you may
hopefully provide
or arrange.

The reason for this is that plans are underway to
confiscate not only
his known fixed assets but also liquid assets.
I have been mandated to seek and find a relaible
person, based overseas,
that is disposed in helping to secure some or all of
the funds in

If you will, do respond to this letter.Otherwise no
offence meant.

Sincerely yours,

Johnson Wreh Bill