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[orca-users:03038] THANKS

 Good Day,
 With warm heart I offer my friendship, and my greetings, and I hope 
 this letter meets you in good time. It will be surprising  to you to 
 receive this proposal from me since you do not know me personally. 
 However, I am sincerely seeking your confidence in this transaction, 
 which I propose with my free mind and as a person of integrity.
 My name is  Owen Mubane, the first son of Mapele Mubane, of the 
 most popular black farmer  from Zimbabwe, murdered in the land 
 dispute in my country. As led by my instict, I decided to contact you 
 through email, after searching  for contacts via the internet, as it 
 is the only means I can contact anybody since I am cutting off ties 
 with Zimbabwe for security and safety reasons.  However, I apologize 
 if this is not acceptable to you.
 The purpose of this letter is to seek your most needed assistance in 
 a business venture. Due to the land and political problems in 
 Zimbabwe, as a result of President Robert Mugabe's introduction of 
 new Land Act Reform wholly affecting the rich white farmers and the 
 few rich black farmers, and his desire to hold on to power for life, 
 my father for saw the danger that came in Zimbabwe. Before he was 
 murdered, he withdrew all of our business foreign accounts in dollars 
 and sold up our shares in major companies. We then went to 
 SOUTH AFRICA  to deposit the sum of US$14.5 million 
 (Fourteen million, Five Hundred thousand US dollars), in a private 
 security company. This money was deposited with this Private Security 
 company for safety and security reasons, and  was to be used for the 
 purchase of land, new machines and chemicals establishment of new 
 farms in Europe.
 President Mugabe's support for the violent  Zimbabwean war veterans 
 and some lunatics in the society, led to the murder of my beloved 
 father and other innocent lives. I was continually threatened to 
 abandon my inheritance from my father after he was murdered. I 
 resited for a while, but when the danger became unbearable, and I 
 survived two murder attempts, I fled Zimbabwe.
 I am currently staying in the Netherlands where I am seeking 
 political asylum. In fact my decision to come here to seek asylum, is 
 because the security company from South Africa, has a branch here, 
 and they have moved the deposit from their office in Johannesburg down  
 here. I need to transfer this money to  an account and invest part of 
 the money. Since the law of Netherlands prohibits a refugee (asylum 
 seeker) to open any bank account or to be involved in any financial 
 transaction, this is why  I am seeking a genuine and reliable 
 partner, whose account this money can be transferred, hence this 
 proposal to you.You have to understand that this decision taken by me 
 entrusts my future and in your hands, as a result of the safe keeping 
 of this money. If you accept to assist me, all I want you to do for 
 me, is to assist with arrangements to claim the deposit from the 
 security company from their office here in The Netherlands, as it has 
 now been transfered from Johannesburg, South Africa!
  to their branch here. The company will be legally informed of you 
 representing me.
 For your assistance, I have two options for you. Firstly you can 
 choose to have 10% of the money for your assistance, and helping me 
 open an account for the money to be deposited here, or you can go 
 into partnership with me for the proper profitable investment of the 
 money in your country. Whichever the option you want, please to 
 notify me in your reply.
 I have also set aside 1%($145,000,00) of this money for all kinds of 
 expenses that come our way in the process of this transaction, and 4% 
 ($580,000,00) for Charity donation. If you prefer to accept the 10% 
 for assisting with opening an account, then 85%will be left in the 
 account here for me.
 Please, I want you maintain the absolute secrecy for the purpose 
 of this transaction.
 I look forward to your reply and co-operation, and I thank you in
 advance as I anticipate your co-operation.You can reach me on my
 direct line which is 31 613 444 535 or via email =
 Owen Mubane.  
# End of Document No.1.