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[orca-users:02951] PARTNERSHIP



 I got your contact from the Nigerian Chamber of
 Commerce & Industry. Following this and other
 investigations resulting in a good recommendation. We
 have decided to contact you to help us with the legal
 Transfer of US$85,600,000.00 (Eighty-Five Million Six
 hundred Thousand United States Dollars). The amount
 stated above resulted from an over-invoiced contract
 executed for the Nigerian National Petroleum
 Corporation (N.N.P.C.) for which the contractors have
 been fully paid. Because this money was part of the
 overall contract sum amounting to close to
 (US$900,000,000:00) that has been completed.

 The said amount has remained dormant and floating in
 our Centeral Bank. Therefore, we will raise supplementary
 documents to enable us transfer into an account that
 is yet to be nominated. We need a foreign partner,
 because as civil servants, the code of conduct does
 not allow us to operate foreign bank accounts. Hence
 we solicit for your assistance, we are requesting you
 to provide us with the help for the safekeeping of
 this money until our arrival in your country to
 collect our share and decide on investment
 possibilities of this money which you may advice,

 For your assistance in this transaction, we have
 unanimously agreed to offer you 25% of this money, 5%
 will be used in settling any incidental expenses that
 may arise after the fund must have been transferd to
 your nominated bank account and the remaining amount
 will be for us. To
 enable the prompt transfer of this money, kindly send
 to us your personal details, contact information &
 bank details in full.

 We look forward to hearing from you and thanking you
 for your anticipated cooperation and consideration in
 the above subject matter. Please be informed that we
 would appreciate the handling of this transaction in a
 confidential manner. We sincerely advise that you
 contact us on the above Telephone and fax numbers to
 maintain the confidentiality of the business. Sending
 e-mail will be appreciated.

 Best Regards,


# End of Document No.1.