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[orca-tech:01647] Good Morning Ola

Investor alert for Tuesday, December 12th!					
News Alert!					
Company:  Wild Brush Energy			
Symbol:  WBRS						
Current Price:  $0.046						
Short-term target: $0.12				
WBRS is engaged in some of the most lucrative gas regions in North 				
America.  Major discoveries are happening all the time and WBRS is in 						
the thick of it.							
With the array of drilling projects Wild Brush has going on at the moment 						
tension is building.  As the drilling gets closer to completion insiders are 							
accumulating ahead of that major discovery announcement.						
Word has just begun to leak out that there may soon be a 						
merger between WBRS and another major energy player with 					
close ties to the company.  In fact this major player's 				
stock was up 30% Monday on very strong volume.  WBRS is 						
showing similar signs this Monday and is looking like there 			
will be big gains on Tuesday.				
Once the merger is announced there will be a rush to get in.  						
Play it smart. Take a position BEFORE the info and 		
ride this one.						
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