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[orca-dev:00740] [re:] could you reply why your sausage is so short? :-)

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ertrtretretreptoireptoi poreitproit
barred  to  the  hoi polloi,  but above  all for the  quality  of  its food.
Griboyedov  could beat  any restaurant in  Moscow you cared  to name and its
prices were extremely moderate.
    There is therefore nothing odd  in the conversation which the author of
these lines actually overheard once outside the iron railings of  Griboyedov
    'Where are you dining today, Ambrose? '
    'What a question!  Here, of  course,  Vanya!  Archibald Archibaldovich
whispered to me this morning that there's filets de perche an naturel on the
menu tonight. Sheer virtuosity! '