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Dear friend,
I am Anorld Peter Johnson,The son of former minister of finance (Johnson =
Makoba) of the Republic of Sierra-Leone West Africa based on the information =
I gathered from your chamber of commerce and industry on your credibility, I =
decide to contact for the assistance.
Regarding my zeal toward foreign investment and security for my life and =
possession, I therefore write to you a break down of this proposal.
My father died when a group of rebel soldier led by Sir Foday Sankoh
overthrown Government of sierra-Leone forcing the president out of power and =
killing many members of the cabinet and minister including my own father. =
When it become apparently obvious that the country no longer safe for the =
citizens due to the political war and massive killing and destruction of =
properties, I decided to move to Holland with a treasure containing the sum =
of US$12.500.000.00(twelve million five hundred thousand united state =
dollars) through a diplomatic means, this fund is the last tangible money my =
father left behind before his death.

The said amount is presently in Holland (The Netherlands) where I am
currently seeking political asylum. While the consignment containing the fund =
is in the custody of the diplomatic courier company they are not aware of the =
content as it was deposited as personal effect and artifact. I am seeking for =
partner who will serve as a the guardian of this fund with whom I could plan =
the best way to move this money out of Holland for investment which is my =
main purpose of contacting you.
Thus I decided to offer you 20% of the total money for assisting me to
actualize this project while 10% of the money has been set aside to offset =
any incidental expenses that might incurred during the course of this funds =
and the balance 70%shall be for me and my family which shall be invested in =
your country. And are will visit you country soonest in order to inquire =
areas of possible business investment. I shall be sincerely glad if my =
request is rendered.
Thank you
God bless you

Anorld Peter Johnson 
# End of Document No.1.