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Fw: Subscribe request result (cvs-ikensyo ML)

Forwarded by "Kitazono/osc" <kitazono@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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 From:    cvs-ikensyo-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 To:      kitazono@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Date:    Tue, 27 Jun 2006 17:55:08 +0900
 Subject: Subscribe request result (cvs-ikensyo ML)

Hi, I am the fml mailing list manager for <cvs-ikensyo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.
Hmm, you may be not a member.
1. Your mail may come from a bad address which is not 
   registered in this mailing list

2. Your mail has a syntax error.
   If you would like to subscribe this mailing list

	subscribe YOUR NAME

     For example
	subscribe Hayakawa Aoi

Hi, I am the fml ML manager for the ML <cvs-ikensyo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

--cvs-ikensyo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Be Seeing You!    

If you have any questions or problems,
   please contact cvs-ikensyo-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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