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Mr=2E Mohammed Abacha=2E
I am Mohammed Abacha=2C the eldest son of the late
president of Nigeria=2C General Sani Abacha=2E I was falsely accused of murder
and as such was imprisoned=2C but thanks to God=2C I have been released
for my innocence=2E Well dear friend I need your assistance in transferring
some of my money into your account=2C because the government is making plans
to seize them=2C as they did to my fathers own=2EPlease view this site and read
it's content carefully=2C http=3A=2F=2Fnews=2Ebbc=2Eco=2Euk=2F1=2Fhi=2Fworld=2Fafrica=2F468903=2Estm
the amount is $25million in a Security Abroad=2E All that is needed is for me to
instruct the company to transfer the funds to your account=2C I will
remunerate you with 30% of the total funds transferred to your vital bank account as compensation for your assistance=2C To indicate your interest=2C contact my lawyer urgently and confidentially for more information and the roles you will play in this business=2E All the legal information concerning this Money will be sent to you as soon as we agree together=2E So I will get my private attorney to get you the needed information=2E If this proposal satisfies you=2C please contact my lawyer immediately
with your full names=2C telephone and fax numbers to enable my lawyer to
contact you=2E He shall handle this transaction from beginning to the end on my behalf =2EContact him on his e=2Email Barrister Kola =28barristerkola=40swissinfo=2Eorg=29
Looking forward to doing business with you=2E
Thanks for your cooperation=2E
Best Regard=2E
Mohammed Abacha=2E